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Man Risks His Own Life Walking Along 6th Floor Ledge To Save His Cat

Would you trade your acrophobia to rescue the unattended cat on the 6th floor? This Toronto guy has won over people’s hearts by his bravery and feline fanatic. Not sure whether he was afraid of heights but walking along the ledge of the condo is such a spirit of chivalry!

Not too long ago, a man was witnessing the whole process of retrieving a cat from the guy living in the opposite condo. The cat was distressfully getting stuck in the neighbor’s balcony, but it seemed like no one was home. All of a sudden, this guy hopped out of his balcony and smoothly approached the cat. It was reported that the guy didn’t mind about it when it came to 6 stories up.

When the video was posted on social media, people could not believe in their eyes what was happening. Thankfully, he saved the orange kitty like a piece of cake. Furthermore, his heroic act was the cherry on top!

(h/t: meowpost)

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Watch the video here:


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