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Meet Gringo, The Cat Who Mustached His Way Into Our Hearts

Cats are insanely cute, especially when it’s born with special features: heart-shaped markings on their nose or body, two-faced with different fur, two-colored eyes, last but not least, mustache. Gringo the cat has driven the world crazy by his adorable white mustache and his gentle personality. Let’s find out the story about him – a detective alike kitty.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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Gringo is a British shorthair kitty with a purrfect mustache and his picture on a popular French cattery site caught Sabrina and Romain eyes. They decided to bring him home although they already had another cat named Milko. Gringo was 3 months old when they took it home, and these kitties instantly became brothers for life. And voilà! They're completely inseparable.


“Gringo is a happy kitty, full of life and with a really nice personality. He loves to play all day and all night, get up to mischief like climbing on curtains, scratching the couch and jumping in the plants” - Sabrina proudly mentioned about Gringo.


Moreover, she revealed the quirky habit of this sophisticated mustache moggy.

“He likes to stand on his back paws, just like a meerkat. He can stay a couple of minutes in that position, and it’s hilarious”.


Because of being smart and cute, his cattitude is absolutely like a toddler human. “Gringo always sniffs our plates to see if there’s something good for him to eat, and he likes to steal our sponge from the kitchen just to chew it, so we have to hide it every time”.


Do you love Gringo? Does your kitty also have special markings? Let us know in the comment below!


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