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Meet Milo, The Cat Who Is Very Involved In His Human’s Daily Routine

Do you believe in a past life’s lover? I didn’t have any particular reason to be convinced if it’s true until I watch this video of Heather and Milo the cat.

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Heather is a cat lover and she has overall 3 cats: Milo, Maple, and Turtle. She used to have a strong bond with a sphynx kitty named Snorkel, who unfortunately passed away. She equally loves the furry trio, but Milo seems to be the one who likes to involve everything in her daily life. From brushing teeth, combing hair, taking shower, doing a skincare routine, to relaxing and reading in bed. He follows Heather every corner of the house, he also enjoys watching Heather cooking when they are in the kitchen. Whenever Heather has days off, Milo climbs and crawls to her bed and wakes her up at exactly 7 AM. They usually have time to go outside and take a walk every evening after work.

“I feel pretty lucky that somehow I ended up with one of the most affectionate cats in the entire world.” – Said Heather.

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Watch the video here to see how sweet Milo is:


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