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Owner Can’t Be Mad At The Cat Anymore For Destroying His Earphone Cable, As The Cat Returned With A Snake As A Replacement

Having a baby animal can be a handful, cute as they are, they can be destructive little furballs. Climbing all over the place, sneaking into the tiniest holes, biting, and scratching are normal things we have to deal with every single day. But they can feel guilty and make it up to us with little gifts like leaves, balls, or maybe something more surprising like a snake. Indonesian owner – Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani got a taste of that.

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Haryanto’s mischievous 8-month old kitty who got him a snake as a gift

The little feline bit off his earphones and tore the cable in half. Of course, Haryanto wasn’t very pleasant about it: “I was really angry to see my earphones destroyed,” he said. And that’s understandable. Haryanto gave the tiny critter a cold shoulder and it ran away.

An hour later, it came back with a gift. The thought of your kitty bringing you a gift is very sweet as it may sound, but if only the gift was not a snake. Little buddy supposed that something long and slim might replace its owner’s broken pair of earphones, and a snake, coincidence, meet all of its benchmarks.[adace-ad id=”5696″]

Haryanto found it funny when his kitties gave him a special present: “I was so shocked to see it return with a snake,” he said. “Snakes are very rare in our area.”

The surprise gift caught Haryanto completely off guard. And although he couldn’t replace the cable with the snake, it’s the thought that counts.

Haryanto and his adorable kitty

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People were seriously amused and impressed by the kitty’s hunting skills. Haryanto’s Facebook post on Kami Pecinta Kucing, an Indonesian Facebook page for cat lovers, has already amassed nearly 10K likes and it looks like it’s just the beginning.

People are loving the kitty’s attempt to reconcile things

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