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Owner Leaves Her iPad Unattended, Finds A Bunch Of Her 7-Month-Old Cat’s Selfies And A Lot Of His Hair

A smart device needs a smart cat to unlock the way to your heart. This Chinese fluffy white ball named Er Niu has taken the Internet with her famous dozens of selfies on his owner’s Ipad. Alongside a bunch of photos that he have taken, he didn’t forget to let some white fur onto the Ipad’s screen before waiting for being busted.

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It’s becoming a bit of a common sight to see animals taking selfies on their owner’s smart devices

A Chinese student recently noticed a bunch of cat hair on her iPad – a normal sight for cat owners

What was out of the ordinary, however, was the dozens upon dozens of her cat’s selfies on it as well

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The Chinese woman first was not really surprised about the white fur was left, she thought the cat might have stepped his paws into her unattended iPad. The cat’s sense of humor was aroused when she opened her device: Her screen was no longer homework but full of white furry creature was trying to take a good-looking selfie.

Er Niu, the 7 month old fluff ball, took ‘selfies’ of himself staring at the camera and, of course, grooming

And hey! He looked handsome anyways! Among his selfies, we can obviously see he is showing people as well as kitty fellows how to self-grooming. The rest was his marvelous poses.

The footage soon found itself on the internet and went viral, getting over 25k likes

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For your information, the owner of this clever kitty is an international student in Australia and she rescued her two adorable cats: Xiao Ai (known as a dark tabby cat) and Er Niu (the star of this article). The discovery of the photos was shared on the Chinese video site Douyin and soon went viral on the Internet.

Many people have been amazed at this cat, they wondered how he could unlock the Ipad, and how smart he was when he found out where the camera button was.

What do you think about Er Niu? Let us know about your cat’s hidden talent in the comment section below!

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Here’s what the internet had to say about Er Niu and his ‘selfies’


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