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Owners Share Hilarious Pic Of Their “Missing” Cat That They Couldn’t Find Anywhere

What do usually do during the quarantine? Some will choose to be a chef by learning cooking, some will spend their time with the family to get a better bond, some will be the most helpful emotional supporters while their owners are working from home, but some will choose to break the social distance rule and hit the gym!

Noticing his kitty Biter had disappeared, a Reddit user u/Rick1771 started to find her and all he saw was a hanging kitty on the tree through his window. The owner of course was speechless by this unusual scene so he took a picture and shared to r/pics. This funny picture has been spreading the world to reduce the stress for everyone in the pandemic time.

Most of people had some funny comments about this photo to encourage people to stay safe while the corona virus is still threatening us. “Hang in there!” – a redditor commented.

Others were in the wonder if the kitty was safe after this dramatic pose, the owner stated: “She fell (very elegantly) right after this, but don’t worry—she’s completely fine!”

Seems like the cat will definitely have some cool abs if she continues hanging on the tree everyday! Would you enroll to her gym course?

More info: Reddit (h/t: boredpanda)

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Rick posted a photo of his cat to show she’s fine and still rocking her 9 lives. Biter doesn’t seem too happy about being back, though


Here’s how Redditors reacted to the viral image in the comments:

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