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People Are Posting Photos Of Working Cats (25 Pics)

We all know that cats are lazy almost every day, but what if one day, they randomly walk into a grocery store and actually get the job? Well, it sure ain’t something surprising cause here are 25 cats with diverse jobs: from security tasks, paperwork to the mouse-keeping mission, or even standing at the reception table. Don’t worry whether they are exploited, as the salaries are lucrative enough to cover three tuna cans a day!

Scroll down to enjoy the pics and upvote your favorite employees of the month!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#5 “I was once a kitty in a shelter & now I’m a cop. Chase your dreams. Signed, Pawfficer Donut.”

#6 My tow truck driver has a cat named Dixie with a matching safety vest

#8 Meet ‘Dirt’, the Nevada railway cat that always looks like he needs a bath

#11 Oscar the truck repair cat offering to help us out with our paperwork

#15 Local Ace has greeter pirate kitty named Ace – he loves grooming customers

#20 Hennessy is always my liquor store’s employee of the month


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