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People Are Posting Their “Shoulder Animals”, And Here Are 30+ Of The Cutest Ones

Oddly, cats like to sit on their owners shoulders and see what life looks like from our point of view. Some will do it only at home, and some who are more active they will sit on the owner’s shoulder to go out for a walk, or explore the cities.

Generally “shoulder cats” are young, agile cats and can hold poses for a while. Research has shown that the desire to climb up on the shoulder is known to arise from behaviors that simply require attention. Once approved, they continue to do it, but this is very rare.

Another thing that appeals to cats is the height. It gives the cat a sense of stability because it can irradiate large spaces without moving. When restrained, cats tend to run away, but sitting on their shoulders allows them to move freely at any time, increasing safety and fun in this position.

Enough talking about cats perching on our shoulders, people started this ambiguous trend with other animals as well: snake, raccoon, ferret, and even a horse! Animals consider people’s shoulder as a stable reliance and they are willing to earn trust from humans.

Enjoy 30+ funny and wholesome photos to see who has the cutest perching pose!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#8 Within 2 Seconds Of Meeting The Cat I Was Adopting, She Climbed Onto My Shoulders

#9 He Always Climbs For A Hug After His Naps. Closest I Can Get To A Shoulder Cat

#18 My Shoulder Cat Isn’t Nearly As Cute As Everyone Else’s

#20 I Thought My Little Shoulder Protector Should Get A Turn Too!!

#21 Oh Hi There, I Was Told That Shoulder Cats Are Trending Today

#22 I See Your Shoulder Cats, Is It Too Late For A Shoulder Baby Opossum?

#23 Do Shoulder Horses Count? She’s Always Hanging Her Head Over My Neck Waiting For Scratches

#24 I See Your Baby Possums, Duck & Cats On Shoulders And Raise You An Albino Ferret


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