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People Share Funny Pics From “Cat-Video Calls” That Look Naughty (7 Pics)

Internet has made an enormous role in connecting people together when we are apart due to the pandemic. People have a huge ‘studio’ for making and creating a lot of funny contents and they love to spread the whole world, including cats.

Cats are the endlessly hilarious topic that everyone likes to see before starting a day. That is why cat memes are everywhere, and cat funny videos are never enough! This user took this great advantage of the Internet and cats to create a little concept what it would look like if our little furry four-legged friends had a video call with each other. They simply made a scenario of 2 cats, one looked seductive, the other looked derply surprised! I think you need to turn on the AC because these steamy photos are wildly hot!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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