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Photographer Captures Topless Male Models Posing With Cats And It’s Absolute Purrfection

Michelangelo Cecilia’s photoshoot is a wonderful eyegasm for the ladies just because of these topless insanely hot male models. But then they added really cute kitties, and we can’t stand it any more. The shoot, which was sarcastically titled ‘Pussy Riot,’ was created for D’Scene Magazine. Finally, someone recognizes that sometimes all a girl requires is an extremely hot guy and a fluffy kitty to go along with it… Isn’t that a reasonable request?

“With this photoshoot, things didn’t go as planned – at one point, we had kittens all over the place, models having their diva moments, and everyone was in a panic,” Michelangelo told us. “It wasn’t a typical shoot, but it’s fine with me because I’m not into that kind of thing.”

This is such a creative idea and please scroll down to enjoy these nice photos, an open hint for you is the eyes. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite one and tell us what you think.

More info: Michelangelo Cecilia | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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