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Photographer Documents The Secret Lives Of Cats Living In Hong Kong’s Stores (30+ Pics)

In 2021, there are around 600 million cats are living on the planet, which means it’s not really hard to come across a cat when you are walking on the street or strolling around the neighborhood. A Dutch visual artist and photographer Marcel Heijnen has explored another unique corner of Hong Kong, where domestic cats are well taken care of and bold in the small shops. The whole series captured perfectly not just the moggies’ traits but also gave us a brand new contextual vision, lastly, the relationship between the owner and a feline.

“In most modern cities there will be all kinds of rules and regulations against cats in shops. Not in Hong Kong, and I’m grateful for that. Here we can still witness this wonderful symbiotic relationship between humans and felines, and the very reason for it harks back to why we domesticated cats in the first place, centuries ago: mice-catching and companionship.” – Heijnen said.

These wonderful snaps quickly grabbed people’s attention who are curious about the life of retail kitties in Asia. Heijnen has an exclusive Instagram account just for posting daily pictures of our overlords in Hong Kong chinesewhiskers to praise the beautiful combination of Chinese scene, bold cats, and friendly humans.

“And yes, it’s about the cats. But it kind of isn’t at the same time. It’s just as much about the context; these chaotic-yet-organically-organized traditional Chinese shops that form beautiful photogenic subjects in their own right. Places in which time seems to have stood still, devoid of branding and all the other modern-day retail trickery we’ve grown accustomed to.” – he continued.

More info: Instagram | (h/t: creativeboom, boredpanda)

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