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Poor Cat Was Rescued From Darkness, Unable To See Anything Until She’s Rescued And Given Hope

Nine lives mean nothing if this world runs out of humanity. In the following video, we can see a severely damaged cat crying for help in silence. She has purely white fur but it gets dirty, the cat must have been on the street for so long. Noteworthily, her both eyes are nasty with full of scabies that covers. She could barely see the world with her own eyes. The bacteria cloud her future and hope. It is said that someone threw the kitty away because of her health problem issues. She is just staying on the street and meowing, hoping someone could give her a hand.

Fortunately, there are still Samaritans are passing by and witness the predicament of the cat. They can’t ignore the poor little thing, so they rush her to the vet. They start to wipe off the dirt in her body and gently tap on the eyes so she won’t get hurt. Little does everyone knows, the cat is not blind as we might have thought!

For several days in the hospitalization, she is getting better and better. She is more active yet somewhat skittish. But the moral of the story is to never leave someone or something behind. You can save a life to make this world less cruel and insensitive. Hopefully, after this heartwarming video, you can reveal each other’s future by helping them, no matter it’s humans or animals. We are born to be kind and loving, so be it!

(h/t: tweetcat)

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Watch the video here:


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