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Professor Asks Her Students To Show Their Dogs Doing Classwork, 30 People Send Her Their Photos

Everyone enjoys looking at photos of adorable pets doing funny and cute things, they are just irresistible! Pets always manage to give us a good serotonin boost by their every action, whether they are eating, playing, or napping, or even when they destroy stuffs around the house! Although lockdown has interrupted pretty much every plans we have, it gives us so much time at home with our pets. Therefore, some excellent additions has been added to the never-ending supply of four-legged companion photos. With so many people having more time to spend with their adorable dogs, Gidypet is delighted to report that there are a lot more of their photos on the internet. What’s more, some pet photo “genres” are receiving incredible contributions. The “pets doing homework” genre, especially, is one of the mostly contributed ones.

This particular genre is underappreciated, as college professor Marie-Amélie George has pointed out. While we’ve seen a few of these cool photos before, there aren’t nearly as many as there are now. We could make a list of them thanks to George, who inspired people to share photos of smart buddies with homeworks after saying that she asks her students to share them with her. So take a look at the list below and vote for the cutest companions!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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