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Research Shows Cats Have 5 Major Personality Types

We usually label cats as incomprehensive, independent, and unfriendly. However, when we look at ourselves through the lens of science, we tend to be in awe of the variety of personalities. In fact, humans have generally 16 personalities, but cats are less complicated than us, which are only 5 of them. Knowing a cat’s characteristics can immensely benefit the relationship of a human and their feline companion for the better. Since the cats can’t speak, they still have a lot of outward signals known as body language for us to notice and investigate their personas.

Dr. Lauren Finka, an experienced Research Associate in the School of Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences, conducted a study with 200 cat parents, and the results are what we are going to explore in this article. Which is your home kitty’s personality?

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#1 Human Cat

These cats adore humans wholeheartedly and devotedly! They do not mind following you all day and they tend to participate in every moment, even if we feel like they are ruling over the house and intruding on our personal space. But that is all their hearts sing, dear hoomans.

They are actively in love with your cuddles and interactions, playful and loving, Human Cats will try their best to draw near to you. On the flip side, whoever is consumed by high-pressure work might have a hard time harmonizing their busy time and spare time to spend with Human Cats. These kitties long for your affection so it will be dangerous for them to be alone all day in the house. If you own a cat who has those personalities above, they are definitely Human Cats. Invest your time to play with them, buy them wand toys, or simply snuggle them up at bedtime. 

#2 Hunter Cat

If you have ever microchipped your cat and seen their overwhelmingly unpredictable movements on the GPS tracker, they are probably Hunter Cats. If you have encountered a lot of times waking up with strange objects or half-dead rodents in the morning, your cat is a true hunter. Hunter Cats love being outdoor and they are very adventurous. To make use of their hunting ability, Hunter Cats tend to play with realistic cat toys. Cats are both predators and prey, in this case, Hunter Cats play their predatory game strong. 

Though you have to deal with lots of “surprises”, you won’t have to feel bad when you leave them alone in a short period of time. Hunter Cats are independent, which is compatible with owners who are busy bees. 

#3 Cats’ Cat

This type of cat has a great bond with other cats in the multi-household. They will show and share with their peers the space without being annoyed or skittish. They are gentle and sweet not just only with furry friends but also with the owner. They say two are better than one, which can be applied to Cats’ Cat. Or, even, the more the merrier, they will be glad if they are surrounded by other same species. 

If a cat owner has Cats’ Cat at home, you should probably adopt another kitty to help them keep the company. Activating the cats’ relationships with some activities which are in need of a lot of cats involved in such as climbing trees and motorized toys. 

#4 Cantankerous Cat

A.k.a grumpy kitties, Cantankerous Cats are the sum-up assumptions when it comes to describing a cat. Their behaviors might upset non-cat people since they are looking for a pet who is loyal, friendly, and affectionate like dogs. Independent, territorial, and constantly frowning when their routine is disrupted are what represent Cantankerous Cats. The owner should be very patient with this type of kitty, they are more likely to be fastidious all the time, they prefer a clean litter box, a full bowl of food, an adequate space, and cuddles.

Wait, did I just say cuddles? Indeed. Cantankerous Cats still like to have some relaxing scratches and cuddles, only if they intentionally want to. These cats are surprisingly loyal to one and only owner, they have a high awareness of sensing strangers. Cantankerous Cats are not always in the bad mood, if you realize your cat is in this type, now you know how to please them.

#5 Inquisitive Cat

They are a bit of Human Cat and Hunter Cat. Inquisitive Cats urge to explore everything because as true as the name, they are very curious. If you have to move to another house, don’t stress yourself thinking whether Inquisitive Cats can adapt, they are willing to explore the surroundings excitingly before you do. They are outgoing, cheerful, and adaptable to new environments. 

Make sure you are cautious with some weird things around the house to prevent them from sneaking and playing. Getting stuck in a plastic bag is not cool at all. Instead, provide some efficient “toys” such as cardboard boxes, little string, paper, and so on.


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