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Researcher Explains Why Cats Love Having Their Heads Scratched

Your cat is lounging by their favorite window, you come to have a swift scratching on their head before going to work and then you notice their eyes are closing, the whiskers become inclined, and the body is being liquidized. How powerful our hands are! But not yet, don’t fool yourself, your hands only have authority on a cat’s face (tummy is counted too!). So why do cats love being rubbed on the head? Today’s article will give you some nuggets that you may find interesting and adorable from a cat!

(h/t: iheartcats)

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Anatomically, a cat can lick everywhere in the body to groom themselves. However, though being a master of flexibility, they cannot reach their tongue to the head. When it comes to scratching, they can actually reach the paw to the face, they usually use the front paws to cover their eyes to hide the light, don’t they? So we just can’t deny the truth that with a little help of our hands, everything seems to be easier for the cat to be happy.

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Believe it or not but the scent glands of a cat are focused on the head. That is the tool for them to mark the territory. Don’t you see your kitty keeps headbutting everyday? They love you and they mark you as their territory. So when you start to scratch their head, the scent glands scan, confirm your authenticity, and send it to the brain!


Since the scientific perspective may not seem convincing enough, in case you are soft and emotional, this reason from a psychological side will probably be selling you. The childhood period is very important not just for the cats but for all the living things, including humans. Kittenhood prolongs around 2-7 weeks when momma cat usually licked their offspring for grooming. When a cat grows up, its vulnerable consciousness is still there but it is turned on by a human’s hand. Scratching their head makes them reminisce about their mom and the old good memory.

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Scratching the head is one of the tips for you to win over their heart. Do it daily, regardless of the bites or hissing sounds, you will see their attitude will change shortly, and all you can receive is their love!


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