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Science Says Being A Cat Person May Be Good For Your Health

Most of us adore cats and could spend hours playing with them, and cat photos usually take up half of our phone storage. Humans might be tiresome but cats are never our problem, and we would do everything to get their trust and affection. Even though we don’t always gain their attention, cats do have a special way to show their love, and that is by making our lives happier, as always, and healthier, scientifically proved.

Gidypet is here to share all the positive effects cats have on our health, scroll down to fact-check any of these studies with your feline buddy!

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#1 Their purr can help heal bones, tendons, and muscles

Hearing a cat purr is a wonderful feeling since it indicates that your feline companion is content and happy, but according to this study and this infographic, their purr can also have a healing effect on our injuries.

Cats purr at a frequency of 20-140 Hz, and the study mentioned above implies that frequencies between 18 Hz and 35 Hz are beneficial to our injured joints.

#2 Cats can improve your mental health

While a cat isn't a replacement for medication or treatment, it does have a positive influence on mental health. A study conducted in Australia found that people who own cats have substantially better mental health than those who don't. They were reported to be happier, more confident, and less anxious. They also deal with challenges in life far better.

#3 Cats can reduce your stress and anxiety levels

By doing something as basic as resting on your lap, our kitties can help to relieve stress. According to the research, caressing a dog or cat for merely 10 minutes might reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Coming home and spending time cuddling our fuzzy feline pals after a long day can induce our bodies to create stress-relieving chemicals. Our heart rate and blood pressure drop by caressing them, and our anxiety levels return to normal. And just by looking at their adorable faces can fade our worries away immediately!

#4 Cats reduce the risk of heart disease

Cats are beneficial not just to your emotional health, but also to your physical health. We're becoming increasingly convinced that they are a unique species because according to this study, these furry friends can also reduce your risk of heart disease by nearly one-third.

#5 Kitties help you sleep better

Since cats are nocturnal creatures, you may believe that sleeping with them is a bad idea. That may be partly true, but not all cats are like this, and having your pet in your bedroom, according to this article, provides a sense of security and calm.

Furthermore, out of 46 respondents surveyed in this study, 41% said that sleeping in the same room as their cats helped them sleep better and that their furry playmates were beneficial to their sleep.

#6 Cats can fulfill your need for companionship

Cats and their owners can form a meaningful bond that extends beyond simply feeding the felines. If their owner has previously responded to their cat's demands, they are more likely to do so again. They are the purrfect choice for companions since they are affectionate, yet calm and don't mind a bit of private space.

Taking care of an animal can help children become more secure and active as they grow up. They are also a great source of companionship for senior citizens.

#7 Cats protect kids from allergies

Children under a year old who were exposed to a cat were less likely to develop allergies. And not just pet allergies, but also common allergies such as sensitivity to dust, grass, and more. In general, having a pet like cats or dogs can boost a child's immune system and reduce infectious respiratory diseases.

After reading all the benefits that cats bring to humans' health, non-cat-owners might wanna consider having a furry friend, and cat owners can continue to brag about their love for these 4-legged fluffballs!


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