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Scientists Find Out Cats Know Their Names, They Just Choose To Ignore You

While we think of dogs as intelligent, loyal, and attentive creatures who will cheerfully come when called, it’s safe to say that cats aren’t frequently thought of in the same light.

As a result, scientists disagree about whether cats are capable of distinguishing between distinct words.

However, a new study conducted by Japanese experts has shown that this is not the case. Cats can discern between human words, according to evidence. This could indicate that they are as intelligent as dogs when it comes to comprehending human language.

At Sophia University in Tokyo, Atsuko Saito and colleagues conducted four studies with 16 to 34 cats in which each cat heard a tape of either its owner or another person’s voice. The speakers recited a list of nouns, including the names of other cats, before addressing the cat by name.

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Many cats responded to the words being read, but they eventually became bored. The group of cats, on the other hand, perked up again on average when they heard their own name.

So, if they are aware of their own names, why do they choose to ignore them the majority of the time?

Well, as it turns out, that is just cats being cats!

“Cats are not evolved to respond to human cues. They will communicate with humans when they want. That is the cat.” Saito explained.


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