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Shelter Cat Chooses Man And Tries Everything To Steal His Heart

When a lovely Siamese mix was taken to Petsmart’s adoption area, she believed she had finally found her forever loving home. She noticed a young man who worked at the store at that point.

(h/t: welovecatsandkittens)


The young man would always stop by and say hello to the kitties on his way to work, and that’s when this nice feline approached him in an attempt to be noticed. Every time the man came by, she would paw at the glass and beg, “Pick me, pick me!”


This determined kitty made it her mission to persuade the young man to adopt her, and according to all accounts, the young man didn’t stand a chance, so he brought his girlfriend along to meet her. She knew just what to do when they opened the cage door. The girlfriend explained, “We knew she was the one because she leapt immediately into my boyfriend’s arms and wouldn’t stop purring.”

While they waited for the adoption papers to be processed, the couple visited her every day, and they both knew they had made the correct decision; their attachment developed. “She responds to her name and it is so her,” they chose to name her Pork Chop.


“She’s made herself right at home in our forever home.” She enjoys cuddling and exploring, and she is quite vocal and chatty with everyone.”


Pork Chop is ecstatic about her new life with her new family, particularly her father, whom she chose the instant she met him.


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