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Someone Shares Pic Of Their Cat Hiding From The Vet, The Internet Responds With Their Own Hilarious Pics

Humans have evolved throughout thousands of years, they built up civilizations and set up a complex set of rules for society to operate, however, such laws and logic don’t apply to cats. Even though they live in our care, cats do as they want, and we are constantly surprised by their actions but are willing to serve them as they like. Writer Ashley Perez recently brought her cat James to the vet, he has an eternal feud with the vet but this time, he didn’t choose violence. James didn’t want to put up with the poking and probing that was about to happen, so instead of wasting his energy and whining and clawing like he usually does, he decided to pull out some ninjutsu techniques – hiding. Despite the fact that the concept was brilliant at the time, the ninja cat fused it with an ostrich-like manner by sticking his head into a hole and assuming that the rest of his body vanished. James’s logic may appear strange (yet undeniably cute) to us, but in the feline universe, James is likely to have mastered the art of hiding.

Before you accuse James of being a fool and affix a hilarious cat tag to him, keep in mind that a trip to the pet clinic is comparable to a dentist’s appointment, and most of us would prefer to hide as well. Now, scroll down to see the amusing photographs of James’ gradual bravery loss and the trials of a cat at the animal hospital.

(h/t: boredpanda)

James’s owner tweeted about him hiding in the vet


James with his new ostrich-style hiding skills


Too bad this skill couldn’t cover his lovely, fluffy hiny


Sadly, it seemed easier for the doc to approach James and give him the health check he had been avoiding


James wasn’t the only cat who took up this idea to reality, as other felines, and also humans can relate

Friendly reminder: It is important to keep a check on your pet’s health condition by taking them to the vet AT LEAST twice a year. Their happy and healthy lives depend on you, so make sure you give them the right love, care and treatment!


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