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Stranger Finds 3 Abandoned Kittens Meowing For Help

Chris Poole, better known as Cat Man Chris, is an obsessive cat lover. Zig Zag, Jugg, Marmalade, and Cole are his four pets. Nothing makes him happier than assisting neighborhood animals and nurturing kittens. Chris is a proponent of the “don’t shop, adopt” philosophy and has assisted in the adoption of many rescue animals.

Chris heard faint meows not long ago while feeding stray cats near his home. After checking the noise, he discovered three kittens that were all alone but friendly. Chris, of course, took them home and is now working hard to find these adorable felines a new home.

At Gidypet, we try to bring more inspiring stories to people that we want to express the love and care to these lovely felines. We hope approaching these stories will help each animal out there deserve to have a better life.

More info: Instagram (h/t: tweetcat)

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Take a peek at the cuteness in the video:


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