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Stray Kitten Won’t Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind

Millie the cat is a stray cat with the biggest personality that Ladi and Margaret have ever seen. The feline went straight into their camper van and started purring when she met them on day one, they fell in love with Millie right away. After staying for a while parking on the beach where they met Millie, they had several days, went back and forth to decide if they wanted to bring the kitten to the journey ahead. Turned out Millie the stray cat was a missing puzzle in their adventure.

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Margaret is a backpacker for 5 years and she met Ladi when she asked him for hitching a ride. They were together ever since and they started to be international travelers. They have been in the camper van full-time for 33 countries so far. One day, when they stopped by the beach, there was a cute little kitten kept sniffing and being curious about their van.

“I had never seen such a curious stray. Her intelligence was so obvious so quickly. She was so sweet to us, she just wanted some love and attention. We, all three, really connected.” – Margaret said.

Spending some days on the beach with Millie, the ‘family’ bond was pure and sudden. Millie showed how smart she was, she liked to be around the couple wherever they went. Millie was an expert at climbing, she liked to climb on the ladder to follow Ladi and Margaret.

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But whatever is destined to happen will happen, they couldn’t stay in one place forever, they needed to hit the road. Millie was the reason for them to think if they wanted to bring her along with the camper van life or let her be free with her territory.

” But after we were getting ready for change locations, we just kind of realize we weren’t really sure that taking her with us was the right thing to do. We decide the best thing for her would be to leave her in her familiar territory where she knew how to keep her safe.” – She said.


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So they left…

Driving for 5 hours long to the border of Montenegro, something in the bottom of their hearts urged them to have a split-second thought.

Watch the video below to see what happened at the end!


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