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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Cat’s Hilarious Facial Expressions (30+ Pics)

If you think the most dramatic animal doesn’t exist, it’s because you have never heard about this beautiful floof: Nana the cat. Nana is a British shorthair feline living with her owner in China. Most people are drowning in her gorgeous deep blue eyes, the rest of them is madly in love with her facial expressions. The kitty becomes a worldwide iconic meme represents the phrase “When you want to be weird but still adorable”. At first, this drama queen started her debut on Weibo with loads of hilarious and relatable expressions. From time to time, her fame has been spreading across the globe, all of Nana’s photos and videos are priceless. Her face can say it all, and can say anything inside your head for you too!

Feel free to convert your emotions to Nana’s photos, people would love the cat and they would comprehend your moods in no time!

More info: Weibo (h/t: boredpanda)

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