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The Memory Of Barney, The Cemetery Cat Who Once Provided Comfort To Mourners For Over 20 Years

Who would’ve thought this ginger tabby cat had been comforting a countless families in their darkest moment of grieves for over the past 2 decades?

Barney the cemetery kitty chose a special way to live his fullest. He’s not a regular domestic cat who is smothered by an owner’s love and attention. He spent his whole life walking around the St. Sampson’s Parish Church cemetery in Guernsey and consoling those visiting their loved one’s graves. With his calm and peaceful physique as well as expression, the mourners felt they were comforted.


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But now he found his way to rest in paradise, he passed away because of old age as he gave one last family some much-needed comfort. This was heartbreaking news that everyone who had known and loved Barney was devastated.


“I started working at the cemetery in 1995 and Barney was born in 1996. His owners lived in the house right next door and they were there for three or four years but then they moved a mile away,” Alan Curzon,63, the cemetery sexton who has helped look after Barney.

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“They took Barney with them as you do, but he kept disappearing and coming back to the cemetery and eventually we made a home for him there.”

He said: “When relatives and friends have suffered the awful loss of someone close to them and go to visit a cemetery they are not in best frame of mind but Barney was always there to cheer them up.”


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“He would wait with me at the gate when we did burials and he would make himself known to the newcomers and he gave a lot of comfort to people. He would rub against their legs as they placed flowers on the graves.” Curzon said.

“I think the presence of Barney brought a lot of comfort to so many people.“

“Whenever I was taking a funeral up there families were so happy to see Barney milling around. The mourners would see him and it would bring them a lot of joy.”

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“I just think he gave them great comfort. I know he was well cared for by a number of people.”


After knowing Barney was gone to heaven, lots of hearts were outpouring and expressed the sorrow with on the social media.

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“(It) was a pleasure to have looked after you for your last days,” Anna C wrote on Guernsey Press’ Facebook page. “You brought so much comfort to so many people over the years doing your patrol around the cemetery, till you all meet again at rainbow bridge.”

“Remember that lovely sunny afternoon, I laid down on the grass in the cemetery and we cuddled up together for 2 hours, I needed a friend that day and there you were my angel.” Debbie wrote.

“Loved Barney always purring away when I go down to visit my brothers Resting place and when I’ve been down and can’t see Barney I would lay flowers by Paul’s headstone and this little head purring away would look around the edge of his headstone from seemingly nowhere, Barney was always in the right place at the right time 20 of the 25 years I’ve been going down.” Tim wrote.

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“(I) used to always look for him when visiting my mum’s grave. It was a comfort. Rest in peace Barney,” Angela G. wrote.

“You were a true pleasure to care for over the years – all our family loved you so very much and we will always be so grateful of the comfort you gave us at what can be a difficult place – you brought sunshine to us all and we will love you forever till we meet again.” Kelly O. wrote. “Enjoy rainbow bridge sweetheart. You were where you wanted to spend your days and you were loved by so many people.”

Rest in peace, Barney


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