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The ‘Murder Mittens’ Group Is All About Cats Showing Off Their Claws, And Here Are 30+ Of The Most Scarily Cute Ones

Murder Mittens‘ is one of the coolest communities on reddit that you can find and let your kitty show their power with those sharp claws and paws. Well, it may look ‘murdering’ but the only thing that they can kill us is their cuteness! From a little fur baby whose claws are shiny like Wolverine in Marvel series to a big fully grown feline who tries to reach the table with a little help of their ‘deadly’ claws. It’s quite obvious that cat’s ascendants are panthers and wild cats whose claws are used for hunting, climbing, and running. Our love is too blind to remember their good old origin.

But there are still some unethical actions about removing cat’s claws because those people are sick of having their furniture especially their favorite couch torn by a kitty. It is pretty cruel if you rather declawing your cat than figuring out the ways to make them scratch less. Before getting to know some of the reasons why cats like to scratch things around you house, make sure you read carefully the rules of ‘Murder Mittens’ group, let your devilishly adorable cat take the spot by showing claws photos, be friendly with other fellas, and remember to upvote your favorite claws that you would die for!

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#1 Lil’ Murderer

“Cat declawing is also illegal in many other European countries, as well as Brazil, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand.” -  Cats Protection, a British charity established in 1927 had a strong opinion about taking the claws off the cats.

The act of declawing (known as Onychectomy) is considered as animal abuse though people are continuously forcing cats to declaw to stop them from scratching the in-house furnishings. The representative of Cats Protection proclaimed: "But this unethical and essentially an act of mutilation to modify the cat for our benefit."

#2 Illegally Tiny And Adorable Murder Mittens

Here are some negative consequences to prove that declawing is out of moral, according to the charity organization:

“Some studies suggest cats who have been declawed have increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), which is often associated with pain.

Another study that scanned declawed cat paws found that in many cases the procedure is not done correctly, leaving behind painful bone fragments.

Cats can continue to feel pain after the declawing procedure as part of their body weight is borne on their toes. After the declawing process, their gait changes as they put their weight through their paws.”

They also exposed that the act of scratching from a cat is completely normal to keep their claws sharp and to mark the scent down so they will feel 'home', will feel safe when the scent is marked. 

#3 Ah Yes. The Deadly Grip Of The Void Itself

In order not to let your cat destroy your furniture as well as help them reduce stress (yeap, you heard it right, scratching may the root cause of stress level), the team advised some of the following tips, and no one will get hurt: 

“Protecting the item with thick, shiny plastic sheeting which is unappealing to scratch;

Placing a scratching post next to the area where they've been scratching;

Choosing a scratching post with a heavy, stable base so it doesn't wobble or topple during use. It should be tall enough for your cat to scratch at full stretch. A vertical weave helps your cat run their claws downwards

Providing a scratching pad if your cat prefers to scratch horizontally (e.g. cats that scratch carpets and stairs).”

#4 My Favourite Baby Photo Of Him

Finally, take a good care of your cat's claws like the way you take care of their fur since it's the important organ in their body. They may be affected by walking if their claws get too long, you should take them to the vet and have a check-up twice a year. On the other hand, when trying to trim a cat's claws, you need to let them get used to massaging and gently touching the paws. Remember to use high quality scissors to cut off the white edge of each nail just before the nail begins to curve. Don't forget to clean their claws, these little fur babies can't talk, but they will love you eternally because of your kindness. 

#12 Baby Bella’s Lunch Time. One Month Old And Rescued From The Trash. Direct Descendent Of Toothless

#21 As I Was Leaving Work My Coworkers Told Me I Had A Cat In My Trucks Engine Bay. Meet Fjord The Mighty Huntress.

#26 Gus Just Moved In, He’s Making Sure We Know He’s The Boss Now.

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