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The Real-life Tom And Jerry: Mouse Runs Up To A Cat ‘For Cuddles’ After Being Chased Around

Cats and mice don’t mix, and cats are born to hunt rodents, everybody knows that. In China, everything is seemingly different. Who would have thought of this divine friendship of Tom and Jerry – a classic cartoon that happened in real life? A small ratty ended up running into the black and white kitty’s tummy after being chased for a while. The video went viral on the Internet after being posted, some people referred it to the beautiful unusual friendship of two different species like Tom and Jerry, but some said everything was not what it seemed.

More info: Weibo (h/t: boredpanda)

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Watch the video here:

The case was not as dreamy as you imagined since Caroline Clark, an ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor, explained scientifically about this bizarre situation.

“From the beginning of the video, we soon see the mouse freezing (keeping still). This is a reaction to fear but is also a strategy used by many animals to try and stop the chase in the hope that the aggressor will leave them alone. It makes no sense to put itself in danger and in my opinion, the fact that it inadvertently runs under the cat’s belly is more about it being shocked, disorientated, and therefore not thinking rationally.” – She said.

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We can easily see at the end of the video, the cat was not really into the tiny rodent. He was freaking out a little bit then walking away. Some people also left a comment a cold hard truth about what would happen after the cat ‘cuddled’ a rat.

“Toxoplasmosis at work.” – Someone commented.

“Great, ratty there has toxo and the parasites need a cat host to develop inside.” – Another person added.

Here’s what people online said

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