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This Artist Can’t Have Pets In His Apartment, So He Puts Digital Furry Animals In Real-Life Situations (29 Pics)

Yee Chong, a Malaysian artist, creates the cutest little digital animals and brings them to life by incorporating them into our everyday lives. The artist creates fantasy animals that look like real ones, with the fluffy protagonist being a mischievous fox and other adorable animals making cameo appearances, but he manages to make them even cuter by placing them in everyday scenarios and giving them a variety of lifelike facial expressions that will make you go “aww.” The fantastical animals are so lifelike that you’ll want to adopt them for cuddles! And, if not, please, for the sake of humanity, make these digital artworks into an animated film!

We couldn’t keep these lovely and hilarious picture alterations of these adorable animal species from you because they are wonderful for brightening your day!

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#1 Why can’t you just be normal

"Because my apartment has a no-pet policy, I can only have a fictitious pet. Also, it began as a challenge to paint realistically, but it turned out to be popular" we spoke with Yee Chong about how his fictitious digital world came to be.


The artist places his characters in realistic everyday circumstances, giving the impression that they are his furry friends. The small fox is a permanent character in Chong's illustrations who is undoubtedly the prettiest and could easily be dubbed his pet. All interactive scenarios reflect life with an animal that all pet owners may connect to, from helping it eat vegetables to styling it with a hairdryer, from disturbing work by resting on the keyboard to expressing all kinds of attitudes.

We were intrigued by how the fox came to life. "The fox's design is based on Silver, my art's mascot, which I made ten years ago. To appeal to a wider audience, I've decided to make him smaller and cuter," Chong stated.

#5 When someone you trust finally touches you, and you realize you’ve been starved for physical affection all your life

Chong claims that his favorite artist, Ovopack, has influenced him. The majority of his pictures are inspired by his imagination of what it would be like to have a fox as a pet, but he also incorporates goofy animal memes from the internet as references, which adds a hilarious element to the artwork. The artist's talent and the distinct style he acquired over the years deserve the most credit for the end result.

"It's midway between realistic and cartoony," says the artist. Chong explained his personal approach. "Over the years, I've worked with a variety of styles (cell shading, painterly, watercolor, etc.) before settling on my current style, which best portrays my creative vision/goal."

Chong spends about 2 hours creating each image, depending on its complexity. Coming up with an idea, photographing it, sketching on top of it, and painting it in Photoshop are all part of the process.

#7 Eat your vege or no ice cream!

Chong is currently working as a freelance illustrator after abandoning his nearly decade-long employment as a graphic designer, which, while aesthetically fulfilling, comes with its own set of challenges: "As an artist, the most difficult thing for me is to strike a balance between my personal life and commission work so that I don't burn out."

Time management, having a daily agenda, and trying to keep to it, according to Chong, are crucial components in preserving that balance.

#9 Happy Birthday to m…STOP THAT IS NOT SNOW!

Yee Chong presently has 170k Instagram followers who are enamored with his work. It's not surprising: the feed is overflowing with cuteness, which is reassuring for anyone looking to take a break from reality for a time.

"'OMG SO CUTE' is definitely the most common comment I get on Instagram, and I appreciate it."

"Receiving comments/email/message on how my artwork brightens someone's day drives me to keep drawing," the artist says of the encouragement and support he receives from his fans.

#11 Me every morning before coffee

We asked Chong for some tips for young musicians looking to break into the industry.

"Developing an art style should not be a major concern; instead, concentrate on the basics. When you understand the rules, you'll be able to break them with ease, and your personal style will emerge naturally."

#25 Don’t look at me like this, I’m not bringing you along!


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