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This Bengal Mother Cat Has A Conversation With Her Kitten Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Apparently, cats can’t talk, but if they do, it must be a lot of endearing chirps, meows, and purrs! Witnessing the communication between a mommy cat with her kittens is the most wholesome news you can see today. Motherly instinct never gets old when it comes to living creatures, especially, cats. For some people with their cloud of misinterpretation, cats are distant and have no attachment with emotions. In the following video, they would change their mind. Who said cats can’t be affectionate?

As we can see, there is a Bengal kitty who gave birth to some tiny kittens, and she tries to talk with them. One of her offspring wants to climb out of the box, Bengal mother cat doesn’t hesitate to encourage her kid, she even pats its head. If only cats could speak, the video would be more emotional and heartwarming! Jump right to the video and tell us how many “aw” did you say when watching this loving scene in the comment!

(h/t: tweetcat)

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Watch the video here:


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