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This Black Cat Is So Adorable And Quirky He’s Taking Over Instagram (30+ Pics)

Wednesday Addams once quoted an iconic statement: ” I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color. ” If she did ever exist, she would have taken back her words, because this kitty is way blacker than black who can camouflage himself in the dark. Meon Ji is a black Scottish fold cat who is currently taking over Korean cat lovers not only his adorable physique but also his quirkiness. His human owner, Kim Aerin, who is in charge of running his popular Instagram account with nearly 200K followers, confessed to us that she had never thought about having a black cat in her life until she saw Meonji.

“I really didn’t like black cats very much. But ever since meeting my cat, I’ve completely fallen in love with black cats, even despite the fact that I did buy Meon Ji. So far I am so happy with the attention we are receiving, but I want people around the world to know that all cats are cute, regardless of color!” – She said.

In Korean, Meon Ji means “Dust”, and it completely fits with her cute black Scottish fold cat. Kim Aerin especially loves his wide round eyes, Meon Ji can stare at his human mom all day with the eyes that everybody wants to drown in. I am not sure what his shenanigan is, but indeed, his mesmerizing eyes are the way to our hearts.

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“I really like my cat’s round eyes. Actually, there’s no part that’s not pretty, but I think the eyes are the prettiest, shining, and prettier than other cats if I say so myself.” – She shared.

The owner also said since she was married to her husband, who already had 2 other kitties, now the family is getting more joy with the black trio.

“Originally, I had only MeonJi, he was the only cat in the house. However, as of recently, I got married, and my husband happened to have… two more cats! So now we have three cats in total. The other two cats are named Mong and Ddan!” – She stated.

If black cats brought bad omen, they why would a lot of people adopt and shower them with love? Black felines are actually affectionate, loving, and as quirky as other cats. Since people are still drunk in the hypothetical myth of our beloved black cats, I encourage you to share this adorable article with others to dispel this ugly stereotype. Scroll down and see how Meon Ji has conquered the Internet!

More info: Instagram | (h/t: boredpanda)

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