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This Cat Does A Spot-On Puss In Boots Impression To Ask For Treats And His Owner Can Never Resist

Every owner who is living with a cat will understand how difficult to resist the most powerful organ of our beloved feline is: a pair of pussycat big eyes. Their eyes appear to be twinkling and pure which make us forget how devil this little jerk is. Who would have thought there was a Puss in Boots in real life who has won over the Internet’s heart? Welp, this nearly 9-month-old ginger kitty named Master Poe Poe has stolen the show on TikTok, he mimicked the famous Puss in Boots cartoon exactly100% just to get the treats from his owner’s hands. Mission complete!

More info: Instagram | TikTok (h/t: boredpanda)

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Master Poe Poe does his best Puss in Boots impression whenever he wants something


Reaching out to Master Poe Poe’s human mom, Deborah De Asis from The Netherlands, she said he was “very playful, sweet, and clingy. He likes cuddles, he cries every morning until we wake up and give him attention. He likes to lay in his bowl. He is very expressive and has lots of facial expressions.”

No wonder why he is able to make that adorable wide eyes to manipulate his cat mom since Master Poe Poe is fond of making a various facial expressions. Some people left a comment if Deborah kept feeding him constantly when he made that innocent face, she explained: “I try to resist giving him a lot as he’s getting a little fat.”

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She also shared the Puss in Boot-like face started to happen when she was holding a pack of treats in the kitchen. Master Poe Poe kept following her until she fed him, and this ginger feline was smart enough to continue turning on his power to weaken Deborah.


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“Before I posted that video, I only had a few hundred followers so I didn’t expect it at all. People love him! there are over 600 comments about how cute he is.” – Deborah said.

We all know the reason why the Tiktok video of Master Poe Poe went viral, who could be able to ignore that widdle naive face? Since the video was posted, there has been around 50K hearts were stolen and lots of cat fanciers just couldn’t stand of Master Poe Poe the demanding kitty.


Aside from being a heart-melting ginger kitty with wide eyes open in the moment, as I said, he also has some other facial expressions.

“He makes a disgusted face when he smells human food, even fish. I let him smell them just for fun as I like his reaction. He throws a tantrum when I let him out of the bedroom. When he’s mad, he hides behind the door and jumps out at me. He likes to play hide and seek and peekaboo. He makes this little ‘prrr’ sound when I find his hiding place. He is also obsessed with my boyfriend. He waits for him all day and cries happily when my bf opens the door. He cries every morning for his cuddles and he really wraps his paws around his neck to hug him tighter.” – Deborah the cat mom revealed.

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This is what Master Poe Poe looks like when he doesn’t need anything from you


Watch the video here:


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Here’s how people on TikTok reacted to the cat’s performance:

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