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This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions Despite His Problem

Rexie is a 7-year-old kitty lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia, with his human Dalia Minaeva, is a brilliant example of how to maintain an optimistic attitude in the face of adversity.

He was abused as a small cat when he was marked with a broken spine and complete paralysis of the hind limbs. Despite the trauma, he is adapted to live a good life and works well with his forelimbs, but he does not feel bladder and intestines and is in constant need of help to get to the bathroom. It had to be done manually, he would not have been able to live. His health is still a fragile matter, and while we don’t know what time Rexie will spend with us and what his future holds, he lives up to his positivity every day.

First, Minaeva bought a pink customized wheelchair to allow pet cats to roam around the house. However, it soon turned out to be of little effect. “He does way much better without [it.] Cats are very independent and adjust perfectly. Rexie is more mobile and comfortable walking and running on his two feet.”

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“Two-legged cats by no means are different from the normal ones, except for being slower and clumsier at times and having no ability to jump.” – Dalia says.

“To prevent sores or wearing fur off of a paralysed waist down cat that has to drag their feet as they walk, a drag bag can be used as an “alternative” to a wheelchair. Rexie doesn’t have any issues with that so he doesn’t have to wear one.”

In fact, the little face of this cute cat is very impressively photogenic and funny, and people call him the Cat King of Bleps. Resilient Rexie has proven that even if you are imperfect and fall short physically, you can still live to the fullest.

Striking a pose and making famous bleping face despite of his disability give Rexie furball lots of loving supports and followers on Instagram (634k so far) as well as Facebook. Scroll down to see how strong this celeb is!

More info: Instagram | (h/t: boredpanda)

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