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This Cat Loves To Relax In The Sink Goes Viral

We all know cats love loafing, sleeping, or planning to dominate you the day after in the sink, that doesn’t mean they love water. Water has never been cat’s ally, most of the time you see how they look at you in a despise way after being bathed. Especially when they are soaking wet, their fur get stick into the body and maybe it is irritating? Being a desert creature and is a sun worshipper, it’s a nightmare for them and for you to get into the bathroom. This is the odd one in a kitty community who not only loves bathing but also has the best chillax cattitude when she’s in a steel bowl. Say hi to Cute Mimi!

(h/t: pawsplanet)

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Cute Mimi is a stray cat who used to usually wander around the farmers’ market. Then there was a woman Liao who noticed Cute Mimi when she passed by the market and she decided to bring this pinky jellybeans home.

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In the first video, Cute Mimi doesn’t seem pesky when it comes to taking a bath. All she needs is only a sink and a large bowl to bathe in. Miss Liao conveniently gives her a nice bath, everything is just very wholesome and the cat knows how to enjoy her life with water.

Thus, she doesn’t know that she’s a spoiled furball. In the second video, Miss Liao gently gives Mimi manicure service just like she’s in a professional salon. The whole globe is in an awe with this kitty lady, how about you?

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Check out the videos below!


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