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This Group Is Dedicated To Posting Pics Of Cats’ “Murder Mittens” And Here Are Their 30+ Best Pics

Here we are, people who deeply love cats and every single part of their bodies. Yup, I am talking about their least favorite part – cat’s claws. It seems like people would prefer fluffy coat, squishy toe beans, mesmerizing eyes, or jiggling ears to their deadly mittens. In fact, the feline’s claws are very beneficial for them to defend as well as to hunt. Obviously, cats are both prey and predators, so they have to associate their mobility, senses, scent glands, with the claws to complete the mission. The claws may irritate so many cat owners because they are more likely to destroy furniture in their house. But chill, that is our cat’s natural instinct: hunting, climbing, and playing things!

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If you want to know when they are gonna use their claws to attack you, other pets, or your children, here is the process:  1) staring, 2) stalking and chasing, 3) pouncing and grabbing, and 4) performing a killing bite. These steps are needed to be watched over carefully so next time you won’t have to be terrified by their antics. As long as the cats and their humans are happy with the claws, everything is forgiven and forgotten, no matter how many bloody scratches they have done to us.

So to honor the heroic instinct of the cats and their murder mittens, the subreddit Murder Mittens has been created to share a lot of funny and adorable claws for you to enjoy. Although these claws may hurt, it’s worth it, isn’t it? Let’s scroll down and comment “Aw” to any photo that you think cat’s claws have no flaw!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#4 Rip Graybeard He Let Me Spoil Him For 12 Years. It Was A Privilege

#11 He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. He Knows When You’re Awake

#12 Mr Bob Showing Off His Weaponry While Getting A Good Stretch In

#13 You Gotta Squint, But I Promise They Are There. I Also Felt Them In My Eyelid


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