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This Kitty Is Physically Unable To Have A Bad Photo Taken Of Him

What does “God-gifted talent” mean to you? It could be someone who owns an extraordinary ability with less learning or practice, it could be someone who uses their fingers to touch the piano and a perfect symphony is performed, it could be someone who creates a brilliant initiative that no one can. In this case, being talented means involving in every photo without failing. Nyankichi, a male tabby from Kagoshima, Japan has proven the above statement is true by his magnificent postures and handsome face. The background is also effective support to enhance the beauty of the cat.

Looking through the photos, we can obviously understand that the cat is not only at his home. Nyankichiand his human parents travel around the country to get the most picturesque photos and show them to the world. Having almost 200K followers on Instagram, this photogenic cat deserves to be Internet famous. Moreover, this guy has an adventurous personality. He is trained to walk on a leash, he likes to run and he runs fast as a leopard, he is also a purring ball of joy in the family.

Scroll down to see how cool and professional he is when the camera points at him. Smack the upvote button of your faves and don’t forget to tell us what you think about Nyankichi in the comment section.

More info: Instagram | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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