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This Kitty Runs To The Bathroom Whenever She Hears “Bath Time”

Forget about the fact cats hate water, that theory doesn’t fit with this cutie catto at all! She is one of a few cats who like to soak in the water, which indicates that not every scientifically proven fact is absolutely right. Thus, cats are unpredictable creatures, if you own 2 cats, I bet you have to learn 2 different crash courses about their personalities. So, this Japanese kitty is not the norm, she quickly jumped into the bathroom when the owner said “Bath Time Now” in Japanese.

In the following video, a quite romantic scene when the owner and the female feline are bathing together is noteworthy. The kitty didn’t show any aggressive opinion about water like other cats did, what an adorable fluff!

(h/t: purrtacular)

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Watch the video here:


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