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This Online Community Shares How Their Adopted Cats Looked Then & Now And It’s Heartwarming (30 Pics)

#31 ound Him Under A House Covered In Fleas, Malnourished, Without A Mom. One Year Later He’s A Happy Healthy Little Guy

#32 9 Years Ago Today The Triplets Were Born. From Bottle Feeding Every 3 Hours, To Beautiful Lazy Babies. Bob, Possum, And Arwyn Made Me The Crazy Cat Lady I Am Today

#33 15 Months Ago A Box Full Of Severely Malnourished Kittens Was Left At The Vets, Unfortunately Only One Of Them Was Still Alive But She Was Only Just Hanging On

"With A Ton Of Hard Work And Love, Little Ciri Is Now A Perfectly Healthy Kitten Who Loves To Play And Explore"

#34 This Is Simon. Oct 2018 – July 2019

"This Poor Guy Had Broken Fangs, Broken Jaw, 2 Bb Bullets Lodged In An Elbow And Chest(Not Life Threatening), Badly Infected Ears Folded Into Fortune Cookies, Injured Eye.. I Am So Proud Of His Recovery. He’s Such A Sweet, Affectionate Boy Even After All This"

#35 She Was Found Underneath The Hood Of A Truck With A Limp Paw. 7 Months Later She Still Naps Like This

#36 Found This Little Lady Crying In A Parking Lot With Fleas And A Badly Broken Leg. Here She Is 3 Months And 2 Surgeries Later

#37 I Found These Two Babies Under My House Two Years Ago. It Was Freezing Cold Outside So I Took Them Inside And Learned How To Care For Them. One Year Later They’re Happy And Healthy (And Huge)!

#38 After About A Year And A Half After Showing Up On Our Porch, Snowball Has Improved Immeasurably. She’s My Perfect Angel

#39 Found Flea Ridden In A Storm Drain At 6 Weeks Old, Has Grown To Be A Fat, Loving, Adorable Cat

#40 Found Her 10 Years Ago In An Empty Parking Lot In The Middle Of The Night Meowing For Food

#41 Meet Thor, He Was The Only Survivor After A Dog Killed His Mom And Other Kittens. He Had A Nasty Wound On His Leg Where Something Had Stung Him, Thankfully It Healed. And He’s Been The Sweetest Cat Since Day One Of Us Adopting Him

#42 My Mom Asked For A Before & After Of My Rescue Kitty, Brimley, Which Got Me Digging. I Can’t Believe He’s The Same Cat

#43 My Lil Gus Gus First Day, Three Days And Three Months Later

#44 My Girl Zoe, The Day I Found Her In The Street And Now, Three Years Later

#46 Before Adoption He Was Skinny And Malnourished. Now He Is Super Weird, Well Loved And Sits Like A Human

#47 Abe Just Needed The Stability Of A Forever Home For His Fur Coat To Fluff Out

#48 Heard Her Crying Under A Car And Rescued Her. Here’s What 6 Years Of Love And Attention Can Do To A Kitten!

#49 Found This Girl In Need While In Greece, Now She Is Our Chunky Mischief Maker

#50 Found This Kitten Dumped In The Middle Of A Road Too Weak And Hungry To Get To Safety. The Photo On The Right Is What 6 Days Of Cuddles By The Fireplace, Lots Of Food And A Cosy Bed Can Do

#51 Summer The First Night I Had Her. She Was Super Sick And Malnourished, But A Ton Of Antibiotics And 10 Months Later She’s A Beautiful Sassy Floof

#53 From A Homeless 8 Week Old To 6 Months Old Part Of The Family!

#54 Last Year, My Mom Adopted Two Neglected Kittens Who Were Suffering From Ringworm. Look At Them Now!

#55 Before And After Cat Adoption, Fed Him For 4 Months Outside Then Captured Him. Most Likely Left Behind In My Apartment Complex By Previous Owners. He’s Awesome

#56 From A 4 Week Old Stray Kitten My Husband Found In A Puddle With Worms And A Horrible Upper Respiratory Infection To My Chunky, Bath Tub Dwelling, Happy Girl. Everyone Meet Bella, Or Her More Commonly Used Nickname Bean

#57 Just 6 Weeks Of Love And Care And He Is Completely Transformed! Found Him Half Dead By The Street On A Rainy Day

#58 She’s Been With Us For 15 Months And Is The Sweetest Girl. I Came Across An Old Video The Shelter Had Filmed While She Was There, Which Inspired Me To Post

#59 When I Took This Sweet Kitty Girl In To Foster Last Year, She Could Barely See Out Of Her Crusted, Watery Eyes. Now, She’s Happy, Healthy, And Ready To Be Adopted Into Her Fur-Ever Home!

#60 We Found This Boy Dumped In A Park. Here He Is 7 Months Later


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