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This Online Group Celebrates Kittens That Are ‘Illegally Smol’ And Here Are 30+ Of The Most Adorable Ones

#32 I’ve Posted My 16-Year-Old Smol Baby Before, But Here She Is Sleeping Face Down Like The Little Weirdo She Is

#33 The Smolest In The Litter At A Whopping 193g – Meet Calcifer

#34 Here’s Another Update On Ralf. He Has Stolen Everyone’s Personal Space! (No Ruby Is Not Crushing Him. He Buried Himself There)

#35 Saved Criminal At Intersection On The Way To Work, Not Sure What To Do With It

#37 Falling Asleep While Getting Pet, I Wasn’t Gonna Use That Hand For The Next Hour Anyway

#38 “These Are Nice Shoes, It’d Be A Shame Something Happened To Them”

#41 My Friend Is Fostering Another Cat, As Lady Fern Is Now In A Loving Forever Home. Meet Higgins. He’s A Whole Two Weeks Old

#45 My Cat Got Spayed And Was Given A Onesie Instead Of A Cone Of Shame. Now She’s A Sausage Roll

#46 Drillbit Planned A Prison Break, But The Other Criminals Couldn’t Make It Over The Fence

#49 Momma Cat Gave Birth This Morning To 4 Healthy Little Beans

#50 Don’t Tell The Authorities, But My Cat Leia Is Illegally Smol


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