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This Online Group Is Dedicated To Cats With Jobs, And Here Are 30+ Of Them

Dogs are popularly known as the best companion for working with lots of labels: ‘service dog’, ‘police dog’, or ‘therapy dog’, etc. Actually, we still have another competitor whom we think they are as versatile as dogs, 30+ living proofs below will accurately show you how flexible is a cat can be when you unintentionally or intentionally want them to work, and you will think again about the assumption “cats are lazy”.

There’s an online community with a subreddit r/CatsWithJobs has accumulated an incredible collection since it was created in 2017, sharing lots of pictures of cats in the middle of their work. Let’s look at your computer recycle bin, your cat must have applied for work somewhere and they rubbed out!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Cat Hangs Around A Hospital For A Year, Ends Up Getting Hired As A Security Cat

#2 Shout Out To Tiddles For Almost 20 Years Of Church Cat Service

#3 This Is “Lil’ Kim”. She Works At My Local Record Shop And Greets Every Customer. Last Time I Was In, I Kneeled Down To Pet Her And She Climbed Into My Arms And Made Me Carry Her During Most Of My Shopping Trip

#5 Momma Mia Just Donated Blood To Save Another Kitty In The ICU, Because That’s What Heroes Do… And Also For Salmon

The behaviour team at Cats Protection, the UK's leading feline welfare charity, also gives some points of view about training a cat properly.

"Certainly young kittens are highly energetic, but you can still encourage any cat to have a spring in their step by giving them a few minutes of interactive play several times a day."

"Try using a fishing rod toy with some feathers and moving like speedy mouse dashing behind the furniture or up in the air like an erratic moth to see what sparks your cat's interest. The most important thing is to make sure your cat is able to catch and 'kill' the toy. If they are teased with it, then they can get frustrated or bored."

#6 Fire Prevention Officer Max

In the previous article we mentioned about those cats who worked at a bodega, a cat who was announced to be a security kitty in Australia, there are still many cats with real jobs! For example, when Chicago's Empirical Brewery realizes that grain is being eaten by rodents and insects, it decides to take four cats and look for anything that can be captured by patrolling an 8,000-square-foot brewery. Did.

Another remarkable pest control expert is Felix Railway Cat. He worked for several years from Huddersfield station in England, and also had his name tag and neon vest, and knew everyone he wasn't kidding. Felix also likes to chat with travelers during breaks.

Some experts say raising cats is actually a cost-effective and humane way to control pests. First, it eliminates the need for environmentally friendly, harsh chemicals and toxicants. And in terms of humanity, simply introducing a cat to an area where pests boil can eliminate the pests without some killing - the smell of cats and excrement are enough to get rid of rodents. Mice are not even breeding near predators.

#11 Reviewer Score Booster

Speaking about working, we'll come up with a question: How can we ask them 'work' with us? It's just a metaphor of training a cats for weeks, months, or even years. Let them improve and evolve with their own pace, the result will shock you.

"Cats are very trainable but methodology differs from dogs." - Layla Morgan Wilde, a cat expert and founder of the award-winning blog Cat Wisdom 101, thinks that kitties are also perfectly capable of "working" with their owners.

"It requires patience and short daily training sessions. [Most cat owners can train them to] respond to basic commands like come, sit, stay. Some cats are more trainable than others and it's easier with a younger cat."


#13 He Lied On His Resume, But Got The Job Anyway

One thing that most of people might not notice is that cats are carnivores, they only hunt mice, fish, etc., when there's no prey around kittens will sleep to preserve their energy. A better idea of letting your cats have to work on themselves is hiding their food.

"Hide food around the house." - Celia Haddon, the founder of and author of several best-selling books about cats proposed.

"Make or buy food dispensers so that your cat has to work for its food."

Also, she expressed about how we train animals in general: start from the bottom.

"For example, you couldn’t train a cat to attack criminals, as it is not natural for a cat to attack strange human beings. However, it is easy to train a cat to do little tricks like sitting on command, rolling on its back, or sitting up and waving its paws. I have trained some of my cats to jump a little jump, to sit on command, to sit up on hind legs and give high fives, and to sit on a mat."

#17 Major Chivas – Cat Firefighter From Kyiv, Ukraine. He Has A Rank, A Uniform, And He Sleeps In A Paper Tray Inside The Chief’s Office

#19 The Kitten My Boyfriend Found While On A Job Now Works At The Flower Shop With My Mom

#24 Today Mia Was A Blood Donor For A Tiny Kitten With Flea Anemia! As Payment She Got Wet Food, A Tiny Bit Of Ice Cream, And The Entire Blood Bank Toy Bin

#28 This Is Narco, The Cat At The Pharmacy I Work At. Instead Of Helping, He Just Rips Up Our Chairs And Sleeps All Day. Somehow, He Still Gets Paid The Most Though

#30 Local Garden Store Cashier Is Employee Of The Month… Coworkers Blame Nepotism


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