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This Online Group Is Sharing The Best Cat Posts, Jokes, And Memes (30+ Pics)

The universal mascot of the Internet you may wonder? It must be rewarded to our fundamentally dramatic king and queens – cats. Without joining any actor crash courses, cats have conquered the whole world with their hilarious facial expressions, and we, their servants, do nothing but capture those awkward moments and let the Internet caption them. They never let hoomans down since there are countless memes that are born every single day. Do we have any complaints about cats? Nope. Enjoy the most entertaining and weirdest creature on the Earth planet with us and find out your favorite meme by hitting the upvote button!

There is a massively amazing moderator team behind r/MEOW_IRL. They told us that this subreddit was created by popular Redditor u/AttackTheMoon in 2015. “It was created as a cat version of r/me_irl back when both subreddits were small.” – they added.

The reason why they created this community for sharing cracked-up cat photos is that they are “capable of a lot of expressions, and they line up with the expressions we make when we feel the same way.”

Furthermore, cats are the God gifted actors:  “cats are also never acting, so pictures of them also communicate something that is genuinely felt.”

(h/t: boredpanda)

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