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Tumblr User Explain Why Cats Are Obsessed With Eating Bread

Nothing can rouse your hunger like the smell of freshly baked sourdough bread. But do you know that human is not the only one attracted to this irresistible craving, because our feline friends also love bread as much as we do. We all know that cats are nocturnal, carnivorous animals, even domestic cats prey on birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Scientists estimate that with over 70 million pet cats and over 60 million stray cats, billions of wild animals are killed each year. Therefore, seeing a cat munching on a slice of bread seems so peculiar that Tumblr users decided to gather more evidence to research about this strange behavior of cats.

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To common knowledge, cats eat meat, and their carnivorous instincts even trigger their hunting skills at any given opportunity for the possible source of food. However, some cat owners have noticed that these felines often make use of their skills to prey on … bread. Their erratic reactions toward this unusual victual get their owners wondering why they are craving sourdough, and whether they can consume other foods besides meat.

A Russian cat grappled with his owner over a loaf of bread when she tried to take it away from him

However, Boris isn’t just a quirky, one-of-a-kind cat with a strong hankering for sourdough. Many cats, in fact, have a liking for bread too

Cats, it turns out, are attracted to the flavor of yeast. Nothing stimulates a cat’s hunger like food, so it’s no wonder that your naughty cat takes bread from the pantry or sneaks into your office to grab your bagel. Many cat meals and treats contain a significant amount of yeast as a flavoring agent. It’s even found in several cat-specific medications.

Bread is quite healthy for cats when consumed in moderation. Cats are carnivores, which means they don’t need carbohydrates to survive. As a result, excessive carbohydrate consumption in cats can contribute to obesity. However, bread should only be given to your cat as a treat. It is also recommended that human food should make up no more than 10-15% of the cat’s daily diet.

Next time, try sharing with your cat, but don’t spoil them too much, and don’t let bread be a major part of their diet!

Tumblrs users united to share about their cats’ strange obsession


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