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Two Rescue Kittens Find Each Other When They Need A Friend And Become Family For Life

Although they are born with an unlucky life, these two cats from different moms are still striving for the best versions of them-meow!

(h/t: thebestcatpage)

Molly and Tom were saved by an animal shelter in Ohio. They appeared weak and malnourished. All the staff started pouring out their hearts by feeding, caring and grooming the kittens, hoping they can be healthier and stronger.

The shelter rescued a pregnant cat and she gave birth to a litter of kittens. Unfortunately, there were only two of them were survived. Due to the poor condition of the mama cat, these two kitties were sick and cold. Eventually, there was only one out of two made it. The other one couldn’t pull through sadly…

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The only kitty that was successfully saved was named Molly. The foster caretaker tried their best to put her on weight, and she did. After three weeks, Molly the kitten seemed happy and good-looking. Her fur was fluffier, which means all the effort of the staff was paid off. They came to the next challenge: finding a sibling for Molly.

The story became brighter than ever when they paired Molly with Tom – a kitten who was a couple of weeks prior to his rescue. Tom the tabby was different from Molly – he seemed very vocal and energetic. But people always say opposites attract.

From the day the shelter staff brought them together, every day was a fun day! The duo complemented one another and they started synchronizing. They loved grooming, playing, and sleeping together. They became best friends within several days! The shelter staff was happy that they could complete this divine mission. Hopefully, someone will adopt this lovable pair and offer them a warm and welcoming home!


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