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Viral Video Shows Cat Stealing His Neighbor’s Tiger Plush Toy

Isn’t it annoying when someone borrows you a shirt, a skirt, or an appliance in your home? Surely is. But how can we deny this special neighbor when he wants from them a tiger plush toy?

The video below depicts exactly how true colors the cat is. Timmy, who happens to be a well-fed tabby cat, is spotted walking away in a confident posture to return to his house after ‘borrowing’ a stuffed animal from his neighbor. As audacious as he is, the cat climbs up to the ironic fences without letting his new playmate fall off the ground.

This video is so hilarious that it has captured 29 million attention from cat lovers around the world. Not sure whether Timmy’s owner gives the tiger plushie back to the rightful person, but the video is absolutely endearing!

However, Timmy passed away on April 27th, 2021. Thank you Timmy for being fearfully adorable. We hope that you will be filled with plenty of plush toys in Heaven!

More info: Youtube

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Watch the video here:


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