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“What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” Online Group Has Owners Posting Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats And Here Are 30+ Of The Funniest Ones

For all the cat or animal lovers out there, you wouldn’t be so surprised by how silly and strange our dear feline friends could be. It almost feels like they live in a whole different dimension with their own laws of physics and logic. There are so many things they do that we haven’t even come close to explain. Well, we tried of course. Feline behavior specialists have published books and articles to help us understand why our cats do what they do. But suppose those are just the tip of the gigantic iceberg, giving everything that us hoomans have been experiencing so far.

In an interview, founder of Fundamentally Faline Ingrid Johnson explained that the reasons why our cats do such strange things are because they have “bodies that are extremely flexible and they are naturally curious yet cautious, so they get themselves into precarious situations quite readily. Cats also like to be up high, which is why you see the cat in the shower caddy.”

We always catch them sitting, sleeping, chilling in the most unusual places like in a jar, tiny cardboard boxes that are not their sizes. According to Ingrid, that is just cats’ instincts. “Cats like small, confined spaces. They like to hide and feel safe. That is why we often see them squished into seemingly uncomfortable spots.” She also said why the cattos like boxes so much. “since cardboard is insulating, it helps cats maintain their body temperature of 100-102.5 degrees easily without having to expel much energy.”

Not understanding does not mean we don’t want to share our ‘exploration’. There is a whole subreddit devoted to cat owners sharing their bizarre encounters called r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat. It’s a platform where you can share and discuss the most peculiar moments of your weird fluffers. The community now has 288k members and the number is still rising.

We have picked out 30+ funniest moments of our little meow-lian creatures. Cats always seem to be judging us, evilly laughing at things that we do because apparently ‘they are so supreme’. Well, it’s time for us to get our revenge and laugh back at them.

More info: Reddit (h/t: boredpanda)

#3 This is Dr. Indiana Jones. He sleeps like he’s dead. The blep happens about 70% of the time, teefies about 40%, rarely the eyes, but all three I couldn’t not capture!

#5 Cat tries to steel the breaded chicken he hates, gagging in regrets every.single.time

#7 I don’t even know how to title this but she loves resting her head high when napping…

#9 ‘This does not concern you human, close the door on your way out’

#25 My wife took this picture and showed it to me laughing today…

#29 We just bought a new house. This is where I keep finding him.


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