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When His Wife Goes On Vacation, This Man Has Secret Fancy Dinners With His Cats

How do your define a puffectly fancy dinner? Warm candles, lace cloth, suit and tie, romantic evening, still missing something.. That’s right! 3 other black and white kitties! This man known as greatcanine took an advantage of his wife going for vacation with the girls and let them cats out of the bag on the Internet. Hopefully the wife accept the fact that cats are entitled to be his other wives!

More info: Imgur (h/t: boredpanda)

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These funny photos were published when he was home alone with boredom while she was out for having fun. He got nothing to amuse except making a memorable scene with their cats. Seemed like those cats wanted to collaborate with him either.

On Imgur, he confessed: “It’s girls week at the beach with her old high school friends. No way I want to be part of that… Six days into her vacation I joked ‘I’m going to have a formal dinner with the cats.’ Then I thought about it for a while…”

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Many cat lovers humorously reacted to the photo, some noticed that they were all wearing tuxedo since those little moggies are tuxedo breed. Three years later, this guy updated to the world the same concept but in a colored photo. Same guy, same cats, and same laughter!



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