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Why Do Cats Give “Love Bites”?

For those who haven’t known the insights of cat language, biting is one of them. They do not hate you or act like you are a foe, but they find comfort when their teefies are gnawing your skin. Some cat lovers think that biting is bad behavior otherwise. There is a revelation for your concern if cats give you a bite because of the bitterness or the affection.

(h/t: iheartcats)

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In fact, there are some reasons behind a cat’s bite: stress, overstimulation, they thought your hands are toys, or simply, they are bored. Many scientists and animal behaviorists have studied and they are intrigued by one more reason: a nibble is another way of loving communication. Especially when you scratch their head and chin, a cat’s nerve system finds out that is their childhood memory. When they were kittens, the mom usually licked, groomed, and had a soft bite their offspring. Naturally, when it comes to your hands which can reach the spots that they don’t and you start to rub them, they will interact with you by biting. Some of the beginners will take it personally and consider it as a negative attitude, whereas, they are showing that you are reliable and you are the family.

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Cats are naturally wild and playful, if you are bitten and you immediately send out the signal of resentment with a cat, they may feel insecure and unsure about your love. In some cases, aggressive bites are pretty noteworthy. If the cat owners find they are biting you in an ‘unlovable’ way, it’s time to take them to the vet for counseling. But most of the bites, hoomans, you are great parents!


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