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Why Your Cat Is Waiting For You By The Door When You Come Home

I am not sure if you notice but whenever we are parking the car in the driveway and we start to open the door, our beloved kitty is always there to greet us with a long meow and tons of headbutts. That leads us to a question: why do cats know our arrival and why are they waiting for us by the door when we come home? This useful yet heartwarming article will share with you some of the reasons that you will have to cuddle them right away!

(h/t: brightside)

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#1 They can hear you

Cats have a super-sensitive sense of hearing, their upstanding ears are for hearing things from a great distance. Furthermore, felines can hear a high-pitched sound so well. So it really makes sense when they can hear the vrooms of your vehicle, and they know that is you who are coming home to pet and feed them. A cat’s hearing range of 70 dB SPL extends from 48 Hz to 85 kHz, making it one of the widest hearing ranges in mammals. So don’t be surprised if you hear the scratches when you get closer to the door.

#2 They know your routine

Generally, when you consistently do something like a routine, not just cats but dogs or other pets or even humans ourselves will recognize and understand. Our cats think it’s easy to follow the schedule, and they learn by heart when they can get fed. So it is no wonder why when you arrive home, they hear you, and they know exactly it’s dinner time!

#3 They want your love

Cats are obsessed over you, humans. They have been waiting for you to come back home after a 9 to 5 work in the office, all they want is your pets, your caring, and lots of treats. Even if they pretend like nothing happen, and they do not mind greeting you with the purrs, just keep in mind that they will show love in their unique way.

#4 They want food

This reason is proven by thousands of cat owners, so it can’t be wrong! Not only do they love spending time with you but they also need to be a kitty with a happy tummy. Make sure you give them the right food before leaving home and give them some treats as a reward for being a good girl good boy all day!


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