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Woman Brought A Pregnant Stray Cat Into The Office, Now The Family Of Nine Has Their Own Meeting Room

One morning, Angela Sy’s co-worker Yvonne spotted a young and pregnant kitty lying on the street waiting for someone to come in and help her. Due to her round appearance, the lady named her Boba, and she brought the mama feline to her office Holmes&Marchant in Shanghai.

“It’s like she was asking for help for her babies and herself.” – Yvonne said.

Holmes&Marchant Shanghai assembles a lot of female cat lovers whom Boba could rely on and safely gave birth. They gently gave the cat TLC and even prepared a high-quality labor room which was originally a meeting room.

“We placed her in a spare meeting room, where we prepared her a litter box, cushy bedding, and all the food (dry, canned tuna, fresh fish, milk) she could want.” – Said Angela.

And the delivery date had come, Boba gave birth to a pack of eight little furballs. The ladies named them like toppings in milk tea, a very popular drink in Asia: Milk Topping, Pearl (maybe tapioca pearl?), No Ice, Grass Jelly, Pudding, Oolong, Black Sugar, and Oat. What a lovely family!

When the gang of nine was healthy, they moved all of them to a bigger room so that the kittens could be more energetic which was crucial for their further health. The ladies were happy with the presence of Boba and her kids, they brought Boba to the vet for spaying. They also hope some kind-hearted people will adopt these little cats, give them a forever home, and cherish them for their entire life.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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“The pregnant kitty was meowing for attention”

“We took her to our office and called her Boba because she was so round!”

“We placed her in a spare meeting room, where we prepared her a litter box, cushy bedding, and all the food (dry, canned tuna, fresh fish, milk) she could want.”

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“Boba in our office, waiting to deliver her babies. She was very friendly to everyone and seemed content that she had a safe place to give birth”

“When we came to work the next day, we found D-Day had arrived! Boba gave birth to eight kittens”

“Newborn kittens – just a few hours old”

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“Boba was exhausted but fed and cleaned her babies: four boys and four girls!”

“For a young mom, Boba was so responsible and amazing!”

“The babies were all small and we couldn’t tell them apart at first”

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“There were two gingers, one calico, and five tabbies”

“A cuddle pile of kittens”

“Here they are taking their afternoon nap, not knowing they had an army of cat ladies watching over them”

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“This is 奶盖 or Milk Topping! She was one of the roundest and drank the most milk. Also, the one who posed the best for cameras”

“The kitties soon discovered their tiny paws… this is 珍珠 or Pearl…

…and tried stretching!”

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“After two weeks, one by one, they slowly opened their eyes! This is 去冰 (No Ice), one of the smallest in the litter but also one of the sweetest”

“This is 仙草 or Grass Jelly, the absolute biggest of the bunch!”

“Here are Pudding and Milk Topping, the two gingers”

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“This is Oolong, the tabby/tuxedo”

“Milk Topping showing off her round bum”

“The full gang! At three weeks old, everyone had their eyes open and were so soft and round”

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“Boba’s babies looking like they’re about to drop an album”

“At three weeks, they started to eat on their own”

“Even though they were growing, they still loved cuddle time with mama”

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“At four weeks, they learned to use the litter box!”

“They loved lying on their fuzzy bedding”

“At one-month-old, the kitties still loved to cuddle with each other”

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“Some of them getting quite sassy, meet 黑糖 or Black Sugar!”

“This is 燕麦 or Oat, one of the energetic and silly ones”

“Eight babies all cuddly”

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“When the kitties hit one month, we moved them to a bigger meeting room so they could all move freely”

“One big family! Our officemates come to this room to visit the kitties or try to get some work done, no matter how impossible it is!”

“They are enjoying their new little family, and everyone in the office is so lucky!”


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