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Woman Gets A Cat For Her Sick And Grumpy Grandpa, And He Turns His Life Upside Down

Jiji used to be an outgoing and happy elderly man until he was diagnosed in 2009, he was no longer in the fulfillment of life with the family. Akiko, as known as Jiji’s granddaughter, she has been taking a lot of pictures of her grandpa since she didn’t know how to use a camera, noticed that everything was not going on the right way anymore and she wanted to see the smile in his face again.

One day, Akiko brought home a cute little yellow fluffy ball named Kinako (in Japanese, it means “roasted soybean flour”). Turned out everything was brighter ever since. Thanks to Kinako to be Jiji’s sweet companion, Akiko had another chance to capture her grandpa smiley and joyful again through her camera’s lens. Let’s take a look the most wholesome moments below to see how a cat can change a person’s purpose of life.

“An extraordinary friendship gradually grew between the two. Who would have thought that a timid kitten would befriend a grumpy old man! The border between human and animal melts, just as shy Kinako melted Jiji’s heart.” – Akiko wrote.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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