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30+ Animals Doing Whatever They Like, As Shared On This Instagram Account

If you want to see Ratatouille in real life, a bird who is tired of flying, or Winnie Pooh who is at the door asking for honey, an Instagram account thesnuggleisrl will definitely adapt all of your imaginative brains. Simply put, ‘The Snuggle Is Real’ is just a random page sharing and posting a bunch of the randomness found in animals. The animal kingdom is more vivid than you might think. They do not mind doing things that they feel comfortable in front of humans because… why not? Turns out, everything is extremely adorable!

Animals with weird behaviors indicate Newton’s law of gravitation is not quite right. They even dispel all the stereotypes that human beings usually label them. And who said animals don’t have emotions? Scroll down and see these 50 animals showing their sentiments that can melt your heart right away. If you are like me, who loves watching silly, funny yet cute animals, you should check out thesnuggleisrl and follow them for a daily dose of happiness!

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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