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13 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

Unlike dogs, cats show the infatuation in their unique way. A dog can mimic the owner’s statement “I Love You” so we can see their loving effort, but this case isn’t right for the cats. Cat lovers will truly understand what I am talking about. It’s not a puppy eyes look but an everlasting squint for an hour. It will never be a gentle touch but a scratch or bite. Thousands of cat comics are born in the same topic “Some signature signals of a cat’s love” but they never get old, because cats are eternally adorable and lovable!

Don’t ever underestimate the ultimate love of cats. They are the most tactful creatures in the world and they need a lot of effort to earn security from humans. Thus, people who don’t love kitties have a big misconception of feline traits. They assume cats are distant and nonchalant because of all of their mischievous behaviors. In fact, if you understand and reciprocate what a cat shows to you, they might be more loyal than dogs.

Scroll down and count how many signs that your cat has shown to you lovingly, upvote the most relatable ones, and tell us about your wholesome experience with cats in the comment!

(h/t: brightside)

#1 Don’t think that your cat accidentally touched your lips, they know where to aim to show their love

#2 Rubbing their head against yours isn’t a call to fight, it’s a sign of affection

#3 Your kitty squints its eyes while looking at you because your greatness blinds them

#4 Get a free massage for no reason from your kitten because they love you

#5 Cats also understand the idea of “follow me” and perform it perfectly

#6 They rush immediately to you after hearing, “I’m at home!” Of course, they’re hungry, but they also missed you terribly

#7 Your kitty cares about you and won’t let you starve. So be polite and take the mouse graciously

#8 Your pet is ready to get scratched by you. But no one else has the right to touch this fluffy belly

#9 Sleeping on your clothes is sweeter and it doesn’t matter how much time you need to remove all the fur after this

#10 Your cat sleeps with you since you’re a great pillow — and its beloved human, of course

#11 Licking your hands isn’t a way to teach you about hygiene. Your cat is trying to tell you about their tender feelings

#12 Bitting may hurt. But be strong and don’t worry, this happens due to an overabundance of loving feelings

#13 Don’t scold your cat if they prevent you from using your gadgets. Your kitty loves you and craves your attention


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