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14 Awesome Life Hacks That Can Make Cat Owners’ Lives Easier

As fastidious as the cats, they tend to make a fuss with everything in your house. Shedding hair, scratchy cardboard, quarrelsome battles, naughty behaviors, all of those stuff makes you feel like you can’t afford anything to please your cat. But we’ve got your back, cat owners. Those ingenious and effective tricks can enormously cut down the expense of buying a fancy cat tower for each floor so that you can have more money to purchase treats.

Eventually, your cat can have both: a cool, handmade, and creative condo with lots of food! How wonderful is it? Wait, but did I say condo? Yup, indeed. Scroll down and see these 14 life hacks will save your time and every penny.

(h/t: brightside)

#1 Calm your cat down

Whoever owns a skittish kitty will need this hack. When a cat becomes anxious, the only thing that can distract them from that ugly feeling is to occupy them with treats, especially the lickable ones. Another way is to spray water on your cat. I know right? Cats don't like puddles but they do like the spatters. When you splash water on them, they will immediately groom themselves. Voilà! Ain't no worries for kitties!

#2 Teach your cat to comb itself

This is so common on the e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, or eBay. When you are away from home, this self-groomer comb will make your cat mind-blowing. It's cheap, convenient, and cat-friendly. Place it/them in the corner(s), so whenever your cat needs to rub their head or chin, they will find these combs.

#3 Get rid of the odor from the cat litterbox

The scent of the litter box might be one of the reasons that your cat doesn't want to step their paws in. Green tea is the most amazing deodorizer that we need in every household. Dried green tea leaves will absorb the unpleasant odor in the fridge, in the car, and even in cat beds and litter boxes. Let's sprinkle some dried green tea leaves under the litter boxes or beds for 3-7 days and see what happens.


#4 Wean your cat from going to the toilet in the wrong place

Did you just buy a brand new litter box for your beloved kitty but they decided to ignore it? That might be because the litter box was inconvenient for them to do the business. Cats like comfy and soft stuff. Let's try to put a piece of paper or soft soil onto the litter box.

#5 Wean your cat from destroying plants

Plants are normally toxic to your cat even though he or she likes to get close to 'the prey'. Plants are easy for cats to play, chew, and destroy. You can research toxic plants that can harm your furball and prevent them from digesting it. Plants have the high potential to cause vomiting, diarrhea, or gastrointestinal irritation. Putting some petals and cones on the soil or spraying the plants with lemon juice are some ways to wean your cat from destroying plants.

#6 Make your cats less aggressive toward each other

Cats are territorial creatures, they want to mark their scent anywhere that they usually spend time. When you own 2 or more cats in the house, it might be a dilemma for you to be a peacemaker between or among them. In this case, invest some shelves and bridges that are pinned on the wall so they can choose a particular spot to sit on.

#7 Wean your cat from walking on the table

Have you ever caught your furry thief red-pawed? Definitely because of your scrumptious meals! Some cats just want to satisfy their curiosity so they tend to climb up and walk on the table. This hack might take time for weaning. Cut and put some sticky tape on the table, make sure the sticky side is up. Whenever their precious paws are stuck, they will get out of the table and you will no longer see them being naughty!

#8 Train your cat use a scratcher if they ignore it

If you have a hard time training your cat using a scratching post, spray some catnip spray on the post. They will get curious about a new smell. Catnip also makes your cat relaxed and content. Nowadays, some pet stores also have infused scratching posts, feel free to check the nearest ones in town.

#9 Wean your cat from destroying furniture

Cats need to sharpen their claws so they will find anywhere comfortable enough for them to scratch. Cat owners who haven't purchased a scratch post should buy one if you don't want your couch to be torn dramatically. You can also prevent the cats from destroying your furniture by covering them with cardboard. However, the next hack will save your life!

#10 Make a cat scratcher in 3 minutes

When the scratch post seems unaffordable for you, this hack is the genius one. Buy some ropes or threads and wrap them around the table leg. Within 3 minutes, your cat can scratch anywhere they want, and your furniture is safe.

#11 Make a toy for your cat

Cats don't need anything luxurious to play with, cardboard boxes, a light string or a plastic bag mean everything to them. When you don't use a tissue core, let's collect them and arrange them in a larger shoe box. When you have a lot of sturdy kraft cardboard boxes, let's make a maze for them to hop in and out. If you are into knitting or crocheting, buy an extra yarn for them.

#12 Make a ladder for cats

Is your cat a professional climber? If yes, then a handmade ladder is best for them. Sometimes, cats tend to sprint rather than climb which can lead to injuries. Whereas, a plank is wrapped by a rope can readjust their speed and enhance their self-control when it comes to climbing.

#13 Make a house for cats

The way of making a house for your cat(s) is various. If you are a beginner, let's use cardboard boxes, a pair of scissors, some tape, and a soft rug to pad the floor. If you are handier, let's double up the house! Besides cardboard, you can use yarn to crochet a tent or a basket for your kitty. Make sure everything captures their eyes.

#14 Make a condo for your cats

A DIY condo will reduce the amount of money to the lowest. A pretty and fancy condo doesn't mean your cat will like it. How about collecting some tree branches and building them up? After that, let's use a rope to wrap around the tree so it will be a scratch post. You don't have to spend a lot of money to show how much you love them. Your cat loves you from the start, so whatever you do for them, they will appreciate it!


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